American Made

Photographing Americas craftsmen
with the tintype process.

I have known Mr Craig Thibodeau for a great many years from our tenure at Night Rider Technical Lighting. Like several of us working there he eventually left to make his passion (hobby) a full fledged means of financial support. Here he is at his amazing workspace in Little Italy San Diego.

BTW, you can see his work here: C T Fine Furniture

This is David, he’s the owner, president, CEO, CFO, and lead craftsman at Edison Manufacturing Co. He creates functional, durable, and handsome accoutrements from saddle leather. 

Jen Jansen is a local photographer and fellow wet-plater based out of the Glashaus here in San Diego.


Just got my gluttony pants in the mail today. Made my day and made in San Francisco.

This is Melissa, she ‘s the CEO and founder of Crow Thief in San Diego. They make some amazing custom shirts and I’m looking forward to receiving mine soon. I had the pleasure of photographing her at her retail location the day before thanksgiving.  

Buying local products from local craftsmen is a step in the right direction to reviving this economy.